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About our clan

Post by [SH] Bull_the_Great on Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:12 pm

Hello fellow Survivors!

Most of you know me by my previous nickname, Faxxy. I was a member of the Silver Serpents clan, but due to the inactivity of some members I decided to create another clan.

What happens when Nature itself wages war on humanity? What happens when countries collapse, and cities become rubble? When there is death all around you, and when anomalies in the electromagnetic field of the Earth begin to appear? Nobody knows what is the exact cause of the Nature's vengeance. What is more important, anarchy spreads throughout the world and it seems that no place is a safe haven nowadays. Can you survive alone in this world? The answer is of course - no. You eventually will have to join forces with a clan, and The Sanguis Hunters are here to help you survive in this cruel new world. We'll make it together. We will survive!

The Sanguis Hunters are a rather pacific clan. We won't attack you first, unless you shoot at us, which I would not recommend. Do not be fooled though - as our pacific nature can deceive you. This new world is unforgiving and there's almost no honor left in this world. We will attack even if you are alone, if you pose a threat to us, that is. We will use all means necessary to eliminate each threat.

We fight as one and protect each other's back. We are ruthless to those who offend us.

The Sanguis Hunters are recruiting players who like all types of combat. Killing from the shadows? Absolutely! We need someone to cover us. Fighting in the open? Every clan needs those guys! Artifact Hunters? Scouts? The ones who like to ambush their enemies? Everyone! Because diversity is what makes a clan versatile.

We will organize chains of command, and regular raids once the Free-play mode comes out. As soon as the PvE mode comes out, we will organize squads to finish missions. Our goal would be to uncover the secrets of the world of Survarium and to pacify the wrath of Nature.

When the game finally comes out, we will be ready. We will be trained in combat and able to respond to any situation quickly.

Keep in mind though, we are not a clan that plays 24/7, but on the other hand we are not a clan without any organisation.
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