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Post by [SH] Bull_the_Great on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:37 pm

Hello to everyone ... I come from Croatia . I got introduced to Survarium over STALKER games which I know since 2005 already I think . Since then I was active in my clan in Sniper Elite series named Inferno Dragon Snipers or IDS for short . There I really got the knowledge about how to run the clan and be a good and objective administrator . regarding Survarium , it is so far the best multiplayer experience that a stalker , or survivor of the Zone let's call it can experience , hence my interest in the game ... I am generally a sniper player and can be very campy and careful , but i am no stranger to machine guns as well ...

I was introduced into the Sanguis Hunters by the [SH] D33p and am glad I stumbled into some nice clan in the early makings because the game and general experience is so much better when with a group of people that you extract the support from ...

anyways , if anyone wants to ask me anything , feel free to shoot . and yes , enjoy the forums ... suggestions and critics are always welcome ...
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